The facts on Viagra

The world has gone bonkers over Viagra! Late night comedians Jay Leno and David Letterman have a new Viagra joke every night, the news media has run countless stories, it has burst upon the American landscape like a 500 foot tidal wave. Lets take a look at this “wonder drug”. Continue Reading

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcoholism is no problem that is exclusive to adults. Many teens end up dependent on alcoholic beverages even although legal consuming age group is twenty-one. The pressure to squeeze in with others and the pressure to be well-liked by peers may play a substantial role in medication and alcoholic beverages Continue Reading

Candida Infections

For many of you reading this it is not your first experience dealing with Candida infections. Unfortunately it is all too common for these types of infections to return again and again. They include a laundry list of both physical and emotional symptoms. It is often a source of embarrassment Continue Reading