For many of you reading this it is not your first experience dealing with Candida infections. Unfortunately it is all too common for these types of infections to return again and again. They include a laundry list of both physical and emotional symptoms. It is often a source of embarrassment as one does not want others to think they are not clean. Most people treat the symptoms, but never really make the changes necessary for long term relief. In this article I think it is important to discuss exactly what a Candida infection is. Understanding this will help you to better develop a plan of attack.

When most people think of candida they immediately equate it to a vaginal Candida infection. However, candida does not effect women only. The underlying internal causes can effect both men, women, children, and babies.

Candida is the most common form of a fungal infection. There are more than 20 species with Candida albicans being the most common. The human body has Candida in the genital area, digestive tract and mouth. There is normally a healthy balance due to the immune system and beneficial bacteria. Overgrowths are often caused by a weak immune system or the use of antibiotics. So as the elderly population has grown and the elevated use of antibiotics has occurredso to have infections caused by Candida overgrowth. There are four major areas that can be affected. The most common and generally known is the infection of the genitals. Most women will experience a Candida infection at some point in their lives. And men are not exempt from this either. The itching along with the burning are quite unpleasant. Hormonal fluctuations can cause pH changes to occur. This is the most common reason for vaginal Candida infections.

Another form is the infection of the skin. Continuous moist skin or an abrasion are the big culprits of this type. Affected areas can include the anus, penis, along with being between both the fingers and toes. In these cases both inflammation and discomfort can occur.

The next form affects both the mouth and throat. Oral Candida is also known as thrush. This in my opinion is the worst form. Having an infection of this type around the mouth is nasty. It can bring the most embarrassment as it is the hardest to conceal. It appears as white velvety lesions in the mouth and on the tongue. Red tissue develops under these lesions. They can bleed easily. At the corners of the mouth it can result in painful tiny cuts and cracks.

Finally is the systemic infection. This type of Candida infection can spread throughout the bodies systems. This type of internal issue is much more serious. Immediate medical attention is the recommended path of action. System Candida infection symptoms are numerous including low blood pressure, multi organ distress, elevated heart rate, peeling skin and more. For further information visit the home page at, Candida Treatment. You will discover a Candida infection treatment that will naturally eliminate this problem from your life for good.