Nasal congestion is usually caused by acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and other types of inflammation. There is a wide variety of drugs for congestion on the market. It is vitally important to make choice according to your own condition. The nasal decongestants can effectively relieve nasal congestion caused by various reasons.

Once suffering the stuffy nose, People will feel the shortness of breath, uncomfortable and unable to concentrate. Worsely, it will be accompanied by symptoms like headache and dizziness, which directly impacts our work and life. In fact, as long as we have a clear knowledge of nasal congestion cause and seek the remedy to it, we can timely relieve the discomfort that nasal congestion caused.

Main causes of the nasal congestion are: first, acute rhinitis, commonly known as the common cold; second, chronic rhinitis, often intermittently or alternatingly attacking; Third, allergic rhinitis, caused by allergens in the living environment, perennial or seasonal attacking; Fourth, sinusitis, resulted from worsening untimely treated cold or acute rhinitis. The priority for different diseases are different. Some nasal congestion, especially the light cold, and the nasal congestion caused by allergy just need simple treatment. As time goes on, it will be recovered through the bodys self-healing ability. However, more nasal congestion need our attention. Oral and external use of drug should be combined for successful treatment.

Generally, when the virus invades the mucous membranes, especially the nasal mucosa, it may cause the blood vessels to dilate and cause swelling. At the moment, decongestants can constrict blood vessels, so as to relieve nasal congestion. That is to say, whether it is nasal congestion caused by acute or chronic rhinitis , the decongestants can be used to relieve the symptom.

How does the nasal decongestants work to relieve the nasal congestion? Locality decongestants, enable nasal blood vessels to rapidly contract. It can cure nasal congestion caused by different disease. At the same time, it will not impact other organ system. Therefore, decongestants can be used systems for the nasal congestion caused by any kinds of disease caused by nasal congestion, can be used decongestant. For immediate relieve nasal sprays can be more effective and more convenient than nasal drop. The former can form a uniform, fine liquid layer on the surface of the nasal mucosa, penetrating the gap region of nasal passages quickly .

It should be noted that nasal decongestants is the symptomatic drugs to relieve nasal congestion. Long time (seven days) clinical use is not recommended. For allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and other required auxiliary with other medications should be used complementarily to cure other symptoms besides nasal congestion.