You can buy Levitra either online or via offline drugstores. However, getting it over online pharmacies would help one to obtain it for a low price. But, there are many online pharmacies that operate in an illegitimate manner, so it is important to detect between fake and real pills. But how will you do it is the question? Well, worry not comrades, in this blog, you can explore the ways that would help you to distinguish between the genuine and the spurious Levitra pills.

Chemical analysis method to detect fake Levitra pills

There is a new method that is used to detect the fake Levitra pills efficiently using the chemical analysis method. This method identifies the various compounds present in the pharmaceutical products in a very short time. It takes only one fifth of the time taken by government agencies to do the same task. Fake medicines are of great threat to the health of the user. According to a report published by world health organization in 2010, the worldwide sale of counterfeit medicines reached about $75 billion. Among the many counterfeit drugs available globally, Viagra in addition to the similar products i.e. Cialis is the most counterfeited medicines. The adulterated or the spurious meds cost around $1 for each tablet where it costs for about $15 for a real tablet, say several researchers. Procuring prescription drugs online could make the consumer land up in severe health risks if he/ she is not cautious of the authenticity of the medicine as well as the online pharmacy. That is why it is necessary to check the authenticity of the online pharmacy because there are only a few online portals that provide levitra online without prescription that too after thorough check.

Fake Levitra pills are of great scourge to the user’s health

The fake Levitra pills are often being manufactured at garages and with poor sanitation facilities. They are mostly devoid of active ingredients and they could also contain different substances that could cause several undesirable side effects. Using a scanning technique, that researchers developed, it could detect not only the fake compounds but also the unnecessary ingredients inclusive of those synthetic analogues of the active ingredient. This method can identify compounds that couldn’t be discovered earlier, even in the lower levels of concentration.