Levitra is generally a very expensive drug that is readily available in online as well as offline pharmacies. It is an erectile dysfunction medication that comes under the class of PDE5 inhibitors and is comparatively less popular than other ED drugs. The price of this pill greatly varies from online as well as offline pharmacies. A general idea on how vastly the price varies would be provided in this write-up.

Price of Levitra in retail stores

The price of Levitra in retail stores is dictated by various aspects such as dosage, the location where the retail store is located and the quantity. In prominent drugstores like Walmart, CVS or Kmart, the price of a single pill of 2.5 mg is about $50. 5 mg is also sold for about $50. Surprisingly for Levitra, all the dosage strength pills go for about the same price which is $50. The unit price however, varies with quantity. For instance, when purchased in the quantity of 10 tablets, the unit price of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg is reduced to $45. When 20 pills are purchased at once, the unit price is reduced to $43.

Prices of Levitra in online pharmacies

When you opt for an online portal you have access to a huge spectrum of online drugstores. These online pharmacies might also be operating from different countries. So for instance, if you are currently a resident of United States it is not necessary that you order pills from US based mail order http://www.viagrasoft.org/ pharmacies. You can order from Canadian pharmacies or UK based online drugstores. These pharmacies are usually known to be much cheaper than the ones in USA.

In Canadian pharmacies the unit price of Levitra 5 mg is $16, 10 mg is $17 and 20 mg is $16. In UK based online drugstores 5 mg is sold for $7, 10 mg is sold for $9 and 20 mg is sold for $10. Although UK has the lowest prices, if you are staying in United States it might be lucrative to order from Canadian pharmacies because with UK pharmacies the shipping costs can be significantly high and it would even take longer time for the consignment to be delivered. You even need to bear shipping costs in mind before picking an online pharmacy.

Generic Levitra is the type that is more abundantly available in online portals than brand Levitra. In USA however, no generic companies can legally conduct their sales. The trademark company still holds the patent rights for Levitra. So in that case online pharmacies would be your last resort. The prices of generic version are greatly different in different internet pharmacies. But just to give you a rough estimation, 10 mg goes for $2.5 to $3 and 20 mg goes for $3.5 to $4. So it can be tremendously beneficial for you to get cheap generic Levitra if price savings is your main goal. Since this is a less aggressive prescription medication, it can be obtained even in a generic version without consulting a doctor, provided that you are man of normal health condition.